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Exit Your Business On Better Terms, For More Money And With Less Stress...
In Your Own Timescale.

It’s never too early (or too late) to put the exit journey plans into place.

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Here’s 2 inevitable realities of business ownership:

Every business owner starts with 3 hats
Every business owner begins wearing three hats: that of the owner, the director, and the employee. Over time, these roles intertwine, complicating the process of distinguishing them as the business grows.
Every Business owner exits
It's a fact – every business owner will, one day, leave their venture behind. Whether it's a sale, retirement or unplanned events, it’s never too early to get your business ready for its next chapter.

Every business has a story and it’s my mission to ensure I guide you towards the best possible ending for yours. 
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But did you know that


of businesses never get sold?

Most business owners only sell one business – their own – and they don’t have a full picture of the process that is ahead of them or how to prepare properly.

The sale process is emotional, stressful and demanding, especially if you don’t know what the process involves or what it takes to successfully sell a business.

Being prepared means you can sell your business for more money and on better terms, when you are ready to.

So what’s stopping your business from being ‘Exit Ready’?

You might be thinking…

"How do I even prepare for an exit, and which option should I choose?"

"What happens if I step away? Can the business run without me?"

"All of us shareholders seem to want different things from the business."

"It would be so much work to get all the paperwork right, especially the state it’s in”

"I've never thought about leaving or that anything could happen to me."

“If I left, there is no one in the business that could take over”

And you wouldn’t be alone...

We get you ready with

3 simple steps

which means more money, better terms and less stress.

Value Your Business
You need to know how much your business is worth today - the journey always starts with knowing where you are. Your 3-Part Value Report shows you (1) the value of your business today, (2) what is going to stop it being sold and (3) how you are performing against your competitors.
Create An Action Plan
When you know your starting point, you'll need a plan to get you where you want to be. Our exit plans are bespoke to you and your business - with everything you need and nothing you don't. Your business will be worth more AND you'll protect your asset value too.
Implement Action FAST
Plans are worthless without action so we make sure you are taking the right actions to make a big difference fast. You'll get your exit team in place so no matter what happens you are ready when YOU choose to leave your business, even if the unexpected happens. Making your business worth more.

These are the 5 key areas we look at to ensure your business is exit ready.

1. Value

Do you know how much your business is worth?

Knowing how much your business is worth means you’ll be better equipped to either deal with an unsolicited offer or take the actions required to make your business worth to fulfil your future financial needs. Don’t leave it to guess work.

2. Owner Reliance

How dependent is your business on you?

If your business can't run without you, it's hard to sell or pass on. Making sure the business can work without you makes it easier to sell for better terms and a smooth exit.

3. People

What is your current team make-up?

Having a great team is key because they keep the business running. When you leave, the new owner will want to know the team can handle things.

4. Governance

How efficiently do you manage your business?

Good governance means your business is organised and does things the right way. This makes it more attractive to someone who might want to buy it.

5. Due Diligence

Have you done a ‘healthy check’ on your business?

Before someone buys a business, they want to look closely and make sure everything's okay. Preparing for this check helps in selling your business without surprises.

Exit Planning Packages

Make sure you can sell your business easily for more money and on better terms, when you are ready to.


One-off payment
3-part valuation report and action plan
Valuation Report
Financial Performance
Competitor Benchmark
Action Plan
Implementation Support
Exit Options Workshop
Transition Plan
Due Diligence Preparation
Build your Exit Team support
Most Popular

Exit Plus

includes 3-part valuation report,
action plan and monthly
implementation support
Valuation Report
Financial Performance
Competitor Benchmark
Action Plan
Implementation Support
Exit Options Workshop
Transition Plan
Due Diligence Preparation
Build your Exit Team support
Minimum 6 months

Exit Pro

includes 3-part valuation report,
action plan and extensive
implementation support
Valuation Report
Financial Performance
Competitor Benchmark
Action Plan
Implementation Support
Exit Options Workshop
Transition Plan
Due Diligence Preparation
Build your Exit Team support
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Do you want to know where your business is against our 5 key areas and receive a personalised report to get you on the right track ?

Getting your business ready for an exit should not be something you think about when you want to sell.

Taking action today can help you ensure you have a plan in place that ensures you a better, more profitable exit - and drastically reduce the amount of stress down the line.
Take the Exit ready Quiz.

Benefits of Exit Planning for YOU and Your Business

For owners:

Protect your biggest financial asset (and your future financial security)
Create an effective exit readiness plan.
Get out of the day to day.
Reduce stress and increase certainty for you and your employees.
Align your entire team around a common mission.

For the business:

Increase capital value.
Make it easier to operate.
Make is easier to sell.
Increase saleability and likelihood of a successful sale.
Get buy-in from the entire team.

It will also help you:

Have a less stressful sale process.
Reduce the impact on the business when the sale process happens.
Decrease workplace turnover.
Inspire employees to work with a sense of meaning.
Increase team unity.

The more prepared you are, the more resilient your business is.

Get Exit Ready will help you increase the value of your business, make it easier to sell and protect your biggest asset in the meantime.

What Our Clients Say

"Christine made a huge difference for me; she helped me to identify my options, and choose actions which worked for me. The changes in my business and personal life since we started have been transformational."
Martin Robertson
"Christine has been a really valuable mentor for my business. She has been active in introducing new partners / investors, acted as a sounding board for strategic challenges. I look forward to working with her more as my business grows."
Joel Satchi
"When you work with Christine she helps you to get clarity on your business , what you want, where you are and where you are going and how to get there. I would highly recommend Christine, she is simply amazing at what she does!"
Kim Marlor

Accreditations and Awards

Not only has Christine got the business battle scars that make her an experienced Business Mentor – she also has the following accreditations and awards that are evidence of her ability to create big impacts for you and your business.
Christine Nicholson
Award-winning professional business mentor, author and speaker.
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